A vibrant Town Centre which caters to its residential catchment and commercial occupiers. Footfall and time spent in the Town Centre will be increased by encouraging non retail-based activities, town centre living, providing incentives and support to occupiers and improving accessibility through Buckley.

Buckley Town Centre has the potential to facilitate more community and commercial activities, providing an offer and experience which is differentiated from surrounding towns.  The opening of Aldi in December 2015 and the reopening of Brunswick Road

to consumers and passers by will provide an opportunity to improve footfall and visibility within the Town Centre.

Development sites within and adjacent to the Town Centre have the potential to provide residential units which can support commercial services. Improved signage, online presence and small scale community led streetscape initiatives could increase awareness of Buckley’s offer, while new events, temporary units such as Pop-Up Shops/Cafes and Market Stalls can increase dwell time and spend within Buckley.

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