Attention ….Buckley footpaths and dog walkers

As a result of lengthy emails, requests and discussion with Streetscene, two ‘drop in’ sessions are now planned at the Hawkesbury Community Centre, Mill Lane, Buckley, to address issues of dog walkers access on local footpaths in Elfed School and The Flash, Buckley.
Issues around dog fouling will be also be raised and discussed, along with any other local concerns.

Please do join us and show your support to enable dog walkers with ‘dogs on leads’ access to all Elfed paths and to be provided with permission to walk to the Buckley Leisure Centre / swimming baths.
Dogs must not be allowed to run across the school playing fields or marked pitches, in order to ensure that dogs do not foul in those areas.
It is our belief, that allowing dog walkers on the path central to the front football fields, and to the rear of the school building, would allow responsible and aware dog walkers to monitor the situation and provide opportunity to ensure everyone is informed and aware of restrictions.

FCC inform us that they will provide some additional fencing to ensure the footpath from Eglwys Close which crosses the children’s play area at The Flash, can remain open to dog walkers.

Please come to the meeting, help us to inform the Council that we can help solve some of the issues, if we are granted permission to use these valuable ‘short cuts’.

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